Ability to Export/Import ALL OptimizePress Live Editor Pages from one OptimizePress site to another
Having the ability to move pages from one site to another is great with the content template export/import but you can only do that one page at a time. It would really benefit to be able to mass export all live editor pages and import them into another OptimizePress site (which obviously would run the same version of OP). Right now this process is doable when you clone the entire WordPress installation, but there are plenty of reasons why someone might not want to clone the entire installation, so I think we should offer this option. Pretty sure it is doable :-)

Kevin McClellan shared this request 01/12/16 09:51
IAN RAMON 04/12/16 01:07 flag comment
ooooh GOD YES YES - i have my website, my wife website to manage , and our events pages to create/manage so sometimes I would just like to copy a page of a product from my wife - to my own page and just change some few things it would be great!!
Edhuardo Cavalcanti 14/12/16 15:09 flag comment
Para nós que constantemente estamos produzindo e criando muitas páginas, seria uma boa mesmo ter algo que ajude a mover em massa essas páginas.
Matus H 10/01/17 17:42 flag comment
this would be really helpful
Jose Flores 23/01/17 07:02 flag comment
This is Urgent for testing A/B webpages. Thank you
Stevo Zarvanjski 07/02/17 13:08 flag comment
This would save us a lot of time and frustration. Please seriously consider it. Thanks in advance.
Mariusz Barczak 16/02/17 15:29 flag comment
I need your help . Yesterday I sent money but I received confirmation from you.
Jessica Rundle 20/02/17 16:26 flag comment
Pretty cool concept!
Jessalyn Devereaux 18/03/17 02:36 flag comment
ABSOLUTELY!! I own multiple websites that are basically the same website, just with different city information..... I would love to simply be able to download my entire 40+ page website that is built with OP pages and upload all of them at once, because trying to do that with individual pages to 20 different websites is crazy making. I would actually use this feature for my online product portals as well, I've got about 60 of those and this feature would allow me to use my initial site as a template, then just change around the product info. Because right now, half of my sites are just parked because I just don't have the time to do all of this individual work on 100 websites when they are all based on about 5 websites of mine that could be templates for the rest of the 95 sites I own. I would think that other info product developers would be totally into this concept as well and you could use it as a selling point in your marketing. Thank you, JD
Kevin Cole 17/04/17 09:03 flag comment
Absolutely this would be a great upgrade. It would make things so much simpler.
Stevo Zarvanjski 12/05/17 01:43 flag comment
Agree 100% !!!
Nur Insyirah Shaharin Azhar 12/05/17 08:17 flag comment
Agreed 200%! It very useful and save a lot of time since I am a marketing strategist that will use the same pages more that one site to get the winning conversion. So this kind of features will be very useful for marketers that use for duplicate pages and testing it
Richard Owen 27/06/17 23:03 flag comment
Yes Please this would be an amazingly helpful function.
Julio Cesar Cibrian Villarreal 12/09/17 20:20 flag comment
I manage multiple clients website whom are part of the same Mutlilevel Martketing Team, so, I often find myself creating a landing page and needing to export it to different optimizepress sites.,.. this tool would definitely make my job easier!!! Yeeeeeeess!! +3
Steven Washer 03/01/19 20:26 flag comment
Great idea. Sometimes you develop a page for one site that really should go on another. (Don't ask)