Ad google fonts
Hi, would be nice to get an easier option to ad google fonts to a page, then messing around with script/codes..

Sascha Hauser shared this request 01/12/16 13:41
IAN RAMON 04/12/16 01:10 flag comment
yes! tick a box or something quick - add google fonts script. even fonts Icons - font awesome in editor
Matus H 10/01/17 17:39 flag comment
well, I think this is already possible to do in Wordpress. But as a build-in feature in OP it'll be great.
Diogo Wagner Rocha 01/02/17 03:25 flag comment
Great addition to the OptimizePress platform, indeed! So many fonts (and weights) we need to import through other means... Proxima Nova, Helvetica Neue, Brandon Grotesque... this will be much appreciated!
Diogo Wagner Rocha 01/02/17 03:28 flag comment
Since you guys are already working on this, I´ll add this suggestion here instead of creating a new request: When running performance tests on pages built with Op2 in sites like Pingdom and GT Metrix, I can see in the breakdown that several fonts that are NOT being used are still loaded upon page load. This has a significant impact on page load, specially when considering mobile connections, and being able to actually load only the fonts being used would improve page performance.