"My Elements": Save / Recall customized elements
A personal library/archive in the Live Editor where you could save/store elements for future recall once you've styled/customized them. Similar to the "Preset" functionality, but focused on code snippets and page elements, rather than complete pages.

Brian McLeod shared this request 02/12/16 11:43
Torkild 06/03/17 16:41 flag comment
Would very much like this feature! And also extend it to have it in a global library, so if you use the same element/row setup on many pages (membership sites often have do this) you only have to change it once and this change will reflect on all pages that are using this element/row setup. (Say you have a member's info feature setup which is duplicated on 30+ pages. Change it once and it will change on all pages using this) Divi (of ElegantThemes) have this feature and it is a great timesaver. + This is similar to this, so I drag this in here to combine it it possible. http://featurerequests.optimizepress.com/home/idea/20/stored-elements-library
Jessalyn Devereaux 18/03/17 02:38 flag comment
this would be fantastic! I have many sites with OP and this would save me a TON of time!
Richard Owen 27/06/17 15:15 flag comment
YES YES please, and make some "Global" so if I change a global element in one page, it changes the same element site wide. Divi Builder does this perfectly. OP Live editor can benefit from the same function.
Christopher Gayle 08/07/17 01:25 flag comment
Yes, this would be an awesome time saver. Any feature that can reduce unnecessary repetition or duplication of tasks would be wonderful!
Julio Cesar Cibrian Villarreal 17/09/17 21:33 flag comment
I was about to post this request but I found yours! I back this a 100%! Instead of saving a whole page preset to save 1 or 2 modules from that design we could just have a library with our custom snippets and elements!! Yess please!!!!!!
Albert Bozesan 07/11/17 09:25 flag comment
I spend so much time rebuilding the same button again and again – would LOVE to see this feature and is my biggest issure with the otherwise great OP!
Mieke van Son 15/05/19 13:59 flag comment
Was going to post this but seen it's already here. Would love this.