Mailer Lite integration
I am using mailer lite and hope you can add integration for it. It gives free account for first 1000 subscribers including automation feature. MailerLite is a very popular newsletter/autoresponder service.

Muhammed Kose shared this request 07/04/17 21:22
Rod Dagan 29/04/17 10:14 flag comment
this isa a must they will be the email provider very soon
Eberl Iron 17/08/17 17:44 flag comment
absolute must
Garry Malone 18/03/18 12:25 flag comment
I use MailerLite and would welcome OP2 integration
Allan Connal 28/03/18 19:51 flag comment
Yes would be great to have integration with mailerlite.
Judi Jamieson 25/05/18 01:16 flag comment
Good LORD PLEASE make this integration. I dont want to switch email providers and lost all my basic opt in forms with mailer lite and have bad links all acroos time and space on the internet and miss out on leads. PLEASE< PLEASE< PLEASE
Beniamin Magdici 26/05/18 10:24 flag comment
I literally want to buy optimize press, but without this feature I ain't gonna purchase.
Matthew Hattersley 18/05/19 16:30 flag comment
Come on guys this has to happen soon.