Adding Additional Google Fonts To The OptimizePress Platform
Hello, KM Lee here. This small feature has been on my mind for quite some time. I was wondering whether the OptimizePress team will consider adding some additional (popular) Google Fonts to the platform? E.g. Merriweather, the famous Roboto and Roboto Slab. Currently, the only way to use the additional fonts is to embed/import the code into "Other Scripts", then apply the CSS rules to specify the particular font. Also, the custom fonts we used don't render in the LiveEditor. I thought it'd be great for the team to consider adding more fonts (popular ones) to the platform.

KhaiMun shared this request 02/12/16 13:44
Matus H 10/01/17 17:41 flag comment
Darryl Tott 20/02/17 13:41 flag comment
Jessalyn Devereaux 18/03/17 02:37 flag comment
yes, would be awesome!
Rhys Morton-Ross 02/06/17 13:19 flag comment
Gets my vote...