PagSeguro is one of the biggest online payment system in Brazil. Would an OptimizePress integration be of benefit?

Ian Bass shared this request 25/11/16 16:25
Carolina Silva 29/11/16 23:02 flag comment
It would be a huuuuge benefit. Thanks
Cris Jon Catalan 30/11/16 01:56 flag comment
This would be an awesome addition. :)
Roberto Lopes 01/12/16 01:17 flag comment
Definitely a STRONG feature. 100% support this request!
Diogo Wagner Rocha 01/12/16 21:20 flag comment
I sign up for this feature too! A must have although probably more targeted at the brazilians users! If your brazilian user base is considerable, you should REALLY address this one...
Alan Mosko 03/12/16 04:29 flag comment
It is very nice for Brazil
Guilherme Horcades 04/12/16 15:11 flag comment
Please Add!
Edhuardo Cavalcanti 14/12/16 15:06 flag comment
Aqui no Brasil usamos muito essa função de pagamentos
Jonathas Munhoz Fantinel 21/12/16 01:40 flag comment
Uso muito pagseguro aqui no Brasil e ter esta integração com o optimizepress vai ajudar não só a mim mais a muita gente! Aguardo ansioso por esta integração.
Johnny Cesar 30/12/16 23:31 flag comment
sure , this will be a awesome addition :)
Marcelo Bacchi 07/01/17 18:19 flag comment
This would be a GREAT feature as PagSeguro is one of the most used and reliable payment process here in Brazil. People sell a plugin to make the integration but they are not reliable and not updated very often so I never used. In addition, the addon is very expensive, the price of OptimizePress Publisher. So, please make this feature and we here in Brazil will appreciate it a lot! Thanks Jason!
Roberto Lopes 09/01/17 16:11 flag comment
I'm very excited seeing the status for this feature request changing from "Considered" to "Planned". Thanks guys! I love it! I hope you don't mind throwing out some insight on what I think that would be valuable for this plugin: Background: Depending on your client-base, majority of clients will utilize the payment method called "Boleto", that is a kind of a bank invoice, that can be paid at any bank. The problem with this method is that after the "invoice" is issued, there is no guarantee that it will be paid. Therefore, the payment process might have an extra state the "boleto" issued and the bank payment confirmation What I think that would be valuable for the plugin: 1. A temporary state can be assigned to the client (wanna-be) after the "boleto" is issued and the bank confirmation that the payment. (this confirmation notification comes from PagSeguro). That could be just adding the client to OptimizeMember with the free level (if not a member yet, since it might be already a member for a different product/package). 2. Ability to send a notification to the client as soon as the "boleto" is issued, with credentials and instructions to access the level, and also to enforce the benefits on the product, and emphasize that it still has to be paid. 3. As soon as the notification from PagSeguro is received, confirming that the payment was successfully completed, change the member's level, and add the configured package(s) to the member. 4. After the full access is granted, ability to send an email to the client (autoresponder or wordpress smtp), with an welcome message, and instructions. Again, thanks for working this feature request. This is will be definitely a game changer for Brazilians. If you need any help from my side, please feel free to contact me directly. Cheers, Rob
Roberto Lopes 11/01/17 04:05 flag comment
Just one more thing. If possible, add hooks and filters across the feature, so we can extend ourselves, if needed, like when receiving notifications from PagSeguro, for example. Many thanks!!!!
Getulio Chaves 21/01/17 16:47 flag comment
Temos uma integraçao para pagSeguro, um plugin desenvolvido para integrar com OptimizePress. Segue o link: http://www.geracaodigital.com/home/conheca-o-pagmember/
Diogo Wagner Rocha 01/02/17 03:19 flag comment
PLANNED!!! Finally!! You guys rock!!
Diogo Wagner Rocha 01/02/17 03:22 flag comment
Roberto´s suggestions addresses a peculiarity of our marketplace here in Brazil and since you guys are already developing this module for us, what he said should really be taken into consideration. A LOT of customers will choose "Boleto" (as he explained) as their preferred payment method over credit cards. His suggestions are critical for a hassle free experience with this new PagSeguro feature.
Jessica Rundle 20/02/17 16:25 flag comment
How did this beat out WooCommerce?
Leandro 20/05/17 03:43 flag comment
Wow! good News!!
Claudio Nasajon 05/09/17 17:37 flag comment
Brazilian preferred payment method. I'm anxious to have this feature in my website and address a 200 million customers.
Diogo Wagner Rocha 16/11/17 13:15 flag comment
This has been marked as "planned/scheduled" for nearly a whole year now... What happened? When is it coming out?
Marcelo Bacchi 01/05/18 08:14 flag comment
Hi team, I REALLY need the integration. PagSeguro is one of the biggest payment processor here in Brasil. It would be amazing to have you integrating with PagSeguro! Thanks!
Edson Moreira 15/08/19 22:36 flag comment
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