Need Overlay Optimizer popup and click trigger in blog post
So when i try to write a blog post in optimize press backend of wordpress. I try to add an overlay optimizer popup or leadbox and clicktrigger similar to sumome.. However, optimize press doesn't have that feature to capture people email.. That feature is only available in Live Editor.. Please consider this feature because it will help alot people for blogging.. Imagine if somehow read a blog post and it comes to important section and then they can click a button to open a leadbox or overlay optimizer to optin to download a template or watch additional video.. This is very powerful technique to build a list.. HEre is a screencast of what i mean: http://www.screencast.com/t/VyBlR9ClO7fr 2) Other thought is to make the blog layout more dynamic, make the layout of the blog better, more clean.. Have more selection style of blog layout for people.. Give people more choice and template for blog layout. Thanks Jimmy Tran JimmyTran.net

Jimmy Tran shared this request 03/12/16 07:22
IAN RAMON 04/12/16 02:16 flag comment
yes make a feature like leadpages has ... leadbox - where people can subscribe even if it is another OP plugin / addon - anything integrated with OP. and also more themes There are many themes out there...but I would like to install optimizepress and have a FULL website ready - theme, landing + Blog. like for example http://frankkern.com/ or http://brendon.com/ or http://jeffwalker.com/ all have a very similar template structure, you know the best selling marketers and their website templates it would be great to make some themes available - install theme - configure colors and all is ready - subscribe bar, menu, logo, floating menu, blog post style - main page with most used sections - about, products, events, recent posts, thanks !!
Adam Roland 20/02/17 14:25 flag comment
yes it's vital request, and I'm missing this feature in the blog post I already asked for this future one year ago; I hope we can see this in the next update
Stevo Zarvanjski 12/05/17 01:45 flag comment
Would LOVE to see this feature implemented !!!
Rhys Morton-Ross 02/06/17 13:41 flag comment
Great idea and suggestion. I kind of believe this is a must have feature with any online business who is focusing on building a subscriber list. 100% agree with the updated blog themes, is a bit outdated. If there were more choices and greater customisation features it would make me switch from OP plugin to full theme.
Douglas Petrin | Positive Player 19/08/17 22:13 flag comment
Definitely those updates would be benefit a lot of people