Membership Page and Feature Upgrades
Who's up for some new membership page additions and membership functionality upgrades? Like adding some of the LMS (Learn Dash not the plugin, but just a few of the features) would be insanely helpful for offering courses. A Start Course button, that starts when one chooses and not by registration. Plus, a short code to display the day's lesson (on the member home page) would rock. Even a calendar view of the lessons would be amazing. Hopefully others offering courses can see how epic this would be with Optimize Press' landing pages and mobile layouts.

Jessica Rundle shared this request 30/11/16 04:51
Douglas Idugboe 03/12/16 00:15 flag comment
LMS features would really be a great add-on to OP2. One of the OP Marketplace templates that sets a good layout precedence is: https://marketplace.optimizepress.com/product/instruct-membership-lesson-page/ It's just the layout aspect of things but having core LMS functionalities like Lynda.com and https://themeforest.net/item/wplms-learning-management-system/6780226 would be great.
Steven Logreira 03/12/16 09:25 flag comment
Adding the Live Editor to custom posts would be amazing. The LMS plugins listed above use these to create lesson and topic pages.
IAN RAMON 04/12/16 01:03 flag comment
yes would be nice - I am looking forward to create online courses - and i was learning about other platforms. depends on the priorities of OP developers....it might be easier to integrate with other apps that are really great at online courses and the devs can focus on stuff (like integrate OP with woocommerce, and build more themes for OP, easier ways to customize)
Jessica Rundle 04/12/16 18:59 flag comment
Good feedback everyone. I feel these functionalities would help courses live up to how powerful the front end looks and functions. I've used Learn Dash before, but the OP2 templates didn't work with it, and I didn't really like the dull blog posts for lessons. Great feedback everyone.
Kai Christmann 06/12/16 05:40 flag comment
Yes, something like learn dash would be great! I d like OP to make the following: 1) An overview for the user of all the videos that there are in the course 2) The ability to check the already seen videos 3) A progress bar, so the costumer can see how much percent of the videos (of the whole video course) he/she already finished/watched. That way we could use gamification to make the whole user experience more valuable for our costumers. Another great wordpress plugin where you can get yourself inspired what i mean is the following: http://codestore.codeiscode.com/wpep-features/ I m just posting this link here so you see what i mean, i have no connection to that company.
Kevin McClellan 06/12/16 23:43 flag comment
The plugin that Kai mentioned is "WP Execution Plan" which is very good. There are a few minor issues with it and it also uses the standard pages in WordPress as default however you can use the shortcodes in that plugin within the live editor. It is very similar to the way some of the Digital Marketer execution plans are displayed on their members area. I'm currently using this plugin to build out a membership site. When you create a course in that plugin, it does use the default WP Visual editor which you can add elements to. I personally just embed my Easy Video Suite videos and add some text/screenshots below so don't really need all the fancy elements for those, but what I do is build out the course there (you can easily add sections/lessons without creating new pages) and then I put the shortcode for that course on a Live Editor page and it works great. When a member watches a video (or completes a lesson) they can click on the "next" button and automatically slides down to the next lesson and marks the original as "completed" and has a progress tracker. As an admin, you can even see members statistics to see where they are in the courses. For the price it is a great plugin, and if OptimizePress ever adds LMS functionality it would be great to have something like WP Execution Plan but perhaps add that to a live editor page as an element and then add the course contents in.
Jessica Rundle 07/01/17 20:47 flag comment
Can't wait. This will be tremendously helpful!
Jay Metcalf 19/01/17 09:19 flag comment
Yes Please! I recently purchase learndash and then found it to be incompatible with OptimizePress. I can do a lot of what it does already with OP, but some of the features like saving a user's progress, and adding the courses they have completed and certificates to their user profile, would rock.
Jaya Kuipers 20/01/17 19:20 flag comment
Yeah make OP more integrated with LMS functions that would be awesome! I'm struggling with a main course with 65 lessons.
Diogo Wagner Rocha 01/02/17 04:17 flag comment
Backing up Kai Christmann´s suggestions here!! I was actually just about to create a feature request asking for that when I saw this post and his comment. A gamification module with badges, achievements, progress tracking would be insanely awesome for user experience and it´d also increase the course/membership perceived value. A "notes" section on each lesson and the "seen videos" feature that was mentioned would be great too!
Diogo Wagner Rocha 01/02/17 04:25 flag comment
When it comes to "seen videos" and "an overview of all the videos available in the course", it could go even further by mimicking Netflix´s browsing experience where you´d see "keep watching" for those videos the user didn´t finish, "what´s new" for dripped content and course updates, etc. Starting from the premise that the first ones would be implemented, when it comes to development, these new "netflix" suggestions wouldn´t be much harder to achieve since it´s the same functionality only with each of them having its own content feed based on a particular behavior trigger.
Sajah Popham 01/02/17 19:31 flag comment
That would be cool!! Especially to have say a "mark as completed" checkbox by every lesson so people can really chart their progress. I'm in a few online courses and one has that function and there's a definite sense of satisfaction to see how far you've gone in a program (especially a really big one)
Jessica Rundle 20/02/17 16:15 flag comment
I can't wait for this! This would rock! Please hurry.
Jessalyn Devereaux 18/03/17 02:39 flag comment
totally agree... right now setting up the membership functionality is clunky and this would help that!
Taillard Silvana 01/05/17 16:29 flag comment
yes would be nice !
Guilherme Scartezini de Bortolli 09/05/17 02:43 flag comment
Oh Please! I need that too!
ChrStymn 10/05/17 05:06 flag comment
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Richard Owen 27/06/17 14:58 flag comment
Yes, Please boost the Membership options. I use Optimize Member to power a high Five Figure membership site selling "Crafting" classes to older women. I would LOVE to see more Course features.
Julio Cesar Cibrian Villarreal 12/09/17 19:41 flag comment
Gamification and save user progress would be awesome!!
Audrey Thomas 20/09/17 06:39 flag comment
PLEASE! This would be an awesome addition to OP. Just to be able to provide some completion metrics to our corporate clients about their teams' interaction with our online program would not only be good for us but it would absolutely increase our program sales to clients. We've unfortunately lost business to other productivity programs (despite ours being a superior product in many ways), because we weren't able to track team members' progress. Thanks very much in advance!
Roger O 05/10/17 16:00 flag comment
I absolutely agree with this, it'd be great to have more LMS-like capabilities like LearnDash. It'd be even greater if we could also integrate with the Social Learner / Boss Theme (https://www.buddyboss.com/product/social-learner-learndash/) and BuddyPress.
Roger O 06/10/17 09:20 flag comment
Also integration with BadgeOS (http://badgeos.org/) would look interesting.
John Stringer 09/10/17 02:46 flag comment
LMS features like restricting access the next lesson until the first is complete, adding a quiz/test to the end of a lesson requiring a specific grade/percent pass in order to proceed, making the process of adding lessons to courses MUCH simpler (instead of the multiple clicks currently required), automatic calculation of progress based on numbers of lessons in a course, and gamification (badges,/achievements/certificates) would all be very welcome additions, among other LMS features!
niks jansons 08/01/18 21:10 flag comment
Good Feedback