WooCommerce Integration
We would like to add WooCommerce customer to a specified membership level upon order completion. Membership level would be set at product level. Thank you.

Joasia Baranowska shared this request 30/11/16 08:48
IAN RAMON 04/12/16 00:49 flag comment
oh yes please! and also themes that are integrated with woocommerce. i've been using OP only for landing, but now I want to integrate with blog, and cart. woocommerce as that is our shop. and I also want to make my wife full website with woocommerce also. would be awesome.
Edhuardo Cavalcanti 14/12/16 15:07 flag comment
Ficou muito fácil utilizar esse Plugin para criar nossas páginas de vendas de produtos, seja digital ou produtos físicos.
Sajah Popham 01/02/17 19:29 flag comment
Oh man a good integration with woo commerce would be awesome!! We've been wanting to rebuild our other business with optimize press but it's more of a classic webstore with lots of products and woo does that nicely, but I know how to use OP so well by now that it would be ideal to use it for the website and not have to learn a new theme! I'm sure lots of folks would like this one.
Jessica Rundle 20/02/17 16:18 flag comment
This would be much better than whatever PagSeguro is. Yes for WooCommerce!
Rosa Grbavac 27/02/17 01:34 flag comment
I think this is a great idea!
pjpalomares 15/05/17 08:06 flag comment
Buenos días, mi tienda no se ve bien configurada con el tema optimizeprees, https://www.eurosmosis.com/tienda/ como puedo hacer para que se vea correctamente? en los dispositivos móviles se ve bien, un saludo y gracias
Richard Owen 27/06/17 14:16 flag comment
Yes please allow OP to work with WooCommerce. ALL major themes are compatible with WooCommerce now and this seems like a glaring missing feature in OP. I want to sell products to my members but now have to make them leave the site and buy on another platform. That is counter productive and not efficient.
Chin Hong 28/08/17 02:24 flag comment
This is a MUST! I got a fews website running woocomemerce and if OptimizePress can integrate with Woocomemrce, then i will bring to a whole new level by having a good design, sales & marketing platform (OptimezePress) + good ecomemrce platform (Woocomemrce)! :)
Audrey Thomas 20/09/17 06:34 flag comment
This would be brilliant! I love OP and use it for everything in our business except our online shop - no amount of tweaking made it compatible with WooCommerce. We would love them to play nicely together!