Ability to embed pdf to an OptimizePress page
Please support pdf embedding to an OptimizePress page or one of the following plugin: - PDF Embedder - PDF viewer - Embed pdf It is a very common need to be able to embed a pdf to a page, so you should put it to your development roadmap. Thanks

Varhegyi Tamas shared this request 01/12/16 06:50
Clarisse 07/03/17 20:42 flag comment
OMG. This would be really great!!! Having a massive problem with collaborating PDF embed secure with OptimizePress!!! Please put this on top priority. Please.
Stefano Pedretti 23/10/17 22:02 flag comment
please add it!
luca mario 23/10/17 22:03 flag comment
i would need the same integration for the embedder plug in. would be great to have it. please listen to us