Visual Funnel Builder
Funnels are past the trend phase... it´s a must have in any online business today. With so many page builders out there addressing funnel creation with a visual, hassle free approach (such as, obviously, clickfunnels) I have the feeling that OP2 is staying way behind on this area... Funnel creation with OP2 through the "launch" module is just clunky and weird today... you have to "activate" funnels in one module, remember to turn them on, select pages from a drop down, then assign pages to a funnel from Live Editor... You have to setup things all over the place while having to picture the funnel you´re creating on your head (or drawing it down on a piece of paper, ugh). I guess you see where I´m coming from... I can tell this one will probably be a feature request heavier on development when compared to the other ones but, hey, if we want OP2 to stay on the top of its game, it´s just needed! After all, OP2 is intended to build landing pages, sales pages, etc. And we´re living in a funnel world now... This should be taken into the very blood of OP2. It´s critical, much needed, will make customers happier and I´d say it would even attract new ones with this feature alone. I really don´t see how this can be postponed any further... Unless OP2 is fine with being a late adopter on this feature. Because, in the end, it´ll be natural selection at play and it´ll be either do it or die. (hopefully it didn´t sound more dramatic than it should). Bottom line being: better do it sooner than later.

Diogo Wagner Rocha shared this request 01/02/17 03:46