Responsive Layout/Element Rules
This is something I´ve seen in other page builders and many plugins out there too. Sometimes "responsive" design is just not enough. You´d access your page on a mobile phone only to see that your H1 font size is massive because it keeps the same size across all devices widths. Then we have to create manual CSS rules with @media-screen and such to define custom font-sizes for specific widths. That´s just one example. If you extrapolate it you´ll have an idea of other problems you may run into when viewing your pages on different devices: buttons sizes, background images, etc, etc. So it´d be extremely helpful if OP2 had "views" on live editor, where you could just click the device you´d like to preview your content and have the window adjust for the simulation where you´d be able to change font sizes, buttons, images and anything you see fit accordingly. So, when you change font size on the mobile view, it changes font size only on that particular scenario, without affecting font size on the other views. So what would really be happening is this: When you change views from desktop to smartphone and change font size, as an example, what OP2 would be doing in the backend is creating the @media-screen rule for that specific device. This feature would be a huge time saver, I´d immensly appreciate it and it would also be a huge improvement for the users who can´t do this kind of custom responsive rules manually even if they wanted to (most of the users?).

Diogo Wagner Rocha shared this request 01/02/17 03:59
Anthony Recenello 26/04/17 15:59 flag comment
This is something very obvious to me but not at all implemented. My mobile site looks just plain ugly compared to my desktop site. The overlay optin form is grotesque. Before any fancy new features get implemented, I strongly call for a restructuring of responsiveness for mobile.